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Pre-Construction Home Marketing & Sales

Optimal buyer engagement, sales execution and project revenue.

  • Purpose built for pre-construction home projects.
  • Moment of Influence buyer lead engagement.
  • Automated and governed sales processes.
  • Optimal project revenue and profit.
Optimize Your Sales / Minimize Your Expenses
Designed and developed in partnership with Real Estate Brokerages and New Home Builders to provide a comprehensive platform to market and sell their pre-construction inventory efficiently while achieving higher revenue and significantly lower expenses.
Buyer Lead Management
Comprehensive lead management with analysis of engagement and activity to automatically qualify buyers.
Optimal Buyer Engagement
Personalized multi-channel engagement and activity analysis achieves optimal outcomes for your marketing campaigns.
Optimal Project Revenue
Dynamic analysis of buyer demand with project inventory and model siting restrictions to obtain the maximum possible revenue.
Governed Sales Lifecycle
Controlled sales lifecycle from lead acquisition to executed contract. Governed processes provide control and visibily to all aspects of the sale.
Designed To Sell Homes
A complete platform enabling all aspects of pre-construction marketing and sales, designed and developed in conjunction with Real Estate sales teams and New Home Builders. Monitor, control and optimize all of your marketing and sales processes while achieving optimal project revenue and minimizing expenses.
Project Web Design
Purpose Built CRM system specific to pre-construction home sales that leverages your project design to create a professional and extensible web site with minimal effort.
  • Projects
  • Phases
  • Releases
  • Units / Lots
  • Models
  • Model Options
  • Model Elevations
  • Unit Siting Rules & Restrictions
  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Price List
  • Purchase Requests & Reservations
  • Purchase Contracts (APS)
Significant increase in engagement when Buyers are provided a Self Serve project information portal displaying Up To Date information.
Detailed Buyer Criteria allows segmentation of leads into appropriate sales categories for personalized engagement.
Buyer Engagement & Qualification
Personalized multi-channel (email, sms, voice) communications delivered at the buyer's "Moment of Influence" to achieve optimal engagement
Automated Lead Engagement analysis based on each buyer's activity to identify the high prospect leads.
Interaction & Activity Tracking of all leads performed on the Project Web Site and delivered communications.
Rule based Dynamic Segmentation for targeted personalized communication and advertising campaigns.
Multi-channel Two Way Conversations provide a centralized tracking of all communications with buyer leads.
Advanced Communications with multi-variant content allows for Test & Learn strategies increasing engagement and desired outcomes.
Priority Buyer pre-qualification builds demand for new releases and with the optimal buyer unit/model selection.
Project Revenue Optimization
Sales Management dashboards provide visibility and analysis of buyer demand with the available lots and models that can be sited on each to provide recommendations on sales to be executed to maximize the project revenue.
Live price list with premiums & promotions enabled Surge Pricing By Demand.
Optimal buyer selection and lot/model siting can have a signficant impact on project revenue and profit.
Project Governance & Controls
Workflow based processes with governance provides control over the complete sales process eliminating human mistakes and increases the overall efficiency from lead acquisition to executed sales contracts.
Steamlined and efficient sales execution with Automated and Electronic purchase contracting.
Reporting Dashboards provide visibily to all aspects of the marketing & sales activities.
Management and control of Cooperating Brokers.
Looking for a Turkey Service?

We are not only experts in Pre-Construction Home Solutions, we also provide end-to-end services for Sales Teams and New Home Builders to accelerate the launch and sale of their new releases. Contact us if you're interested in hearing how we can eleviate the distractions and expenses related to the marketing and sales of your projects.

Project Web Marketing

Professionally designed live web site and marketing asset creation bootstrapped by your project design and schema.

Buyer Engagement

Design and execution of outbound marketing and advertising campaigns with pre-sales services with engaged leads.

Full Sales Lifecycle

Management of the complete sales lifecycle from lead acquisition to full sales contracting. Proven turnkey listing services with optimal sales results.

“newcaza allows us to quickly sell our client's homes, maximizing their revenue and saving us time and expenses”

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